What country song did Kung Fu Sophie recently cover?


I was recently invited to play a wedding reception in California. This is the lovely bride, Cheri, and myself (yes I'm now a red head - see New Fu Do for more pics). I was very touched at the invitation. I also must admit that I was a bit hesitant to accept because I associate wedding music with either formal-classical or blah cover songs. I thought…"Uh oh. I don’t know any 'wedding’ songs...I’ll just stick with my happy love songs…do I have any of those?” I was nearing a panic attack thinking how short the set would be, since, as you may know, many of my songs are dark and quirky stories about bad relationships or spiders crawling into my brain...

So, I called Cheri and asked what kind of set she would like and held my breath… "We want Kung Fu Sophie!" she said with matter-of-fact excitedness. I exhaled quietly, my lips making the “whewww” shape and closed my eyes with relaxed happiness. As the date got closer it occurred to me to ask if they had any special requests (duh). The groom, Clem, requested “Under the X in Texas” written by Johnny Gimble. Uh oh…never heard of it! Again, panic mode ensued. It usually takes me a while to get a cover tune down, and it was now about one week before the gig. I told them I would do my best, but couldn’t make any promises…which made me feel lame. Thank the universe it turned out to be a pretty simple song. Incidentally, my voice is suited fairly well to it AND it’s really fun to play. In fact, I am including it in my canned peaches…my set list, that is. So maybe…just maybe…I’ll record a live video performance of it for y’all. Anywho, Clem was very pleased that I played the song, as was Cheri, and this made me happy. I was very touched at the invitation to play this special event for such a beautiful couple and their nice friends.  

~ Congratulations Cheri and Clem! ~


Clement Spring October 11, 2012 @10:43 am
I think I said it when I signed up after Cheri forwarded me the link to "Green" - Your performance is something we'll remember the rest of our lives. It was wonderful to meet you and perhaps we shall again. How long 'till you're booked at the "Not Strictly Bluegrass" or "Kate Wolff Memorial" festivals? I see big things in your future as a performer :)
Cheri October 11, 2012 @06:27 am
Thanks again Sophie, you were great and a huge part of why our reception was such a big success!
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