Happy Halloween!

For your Happy Halloween present, I have another spooky spider video for you. You may have heard my song "Spider" that I wrote a few years ago. It has not been released yet. Over the summer, I became so intensely absorbed while working on ideas and inspiration for the upcoming album which will feature the song, a funny and ironic thing happened. I was so inactive in the back yard and basement, that my house inadvertently became a haven for arachnids of many kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors. As my uncanny luck would have it, most of them were black widows and funnel weaving spiders. Oooh! How delightful, right? :-/ Apparently, due to the dry winter we had last year, more of them survived to breed than in normal years. So, come June I began practically tripping over them. It felt like the house was their place and they were generous to let me live here. I caught this lovely lady in the spotlight one dark, breezy evening hanging out next to the dining room window...at least this one was on the outside of the house...

Happy Halloween!!


Barbara Dore' November 01, 2012 @12:27 am
About 20 yrs.ago I bought a brand new home in Pollock Pines, CA (between Sacramento & So.Lake Tahoe & after living there awhile realized that people coming down the pathway to my frontdoor were being assaulted by VERY strong black widow spider webs; almost every other day, on the pathway, I had to make it clear so that friends could pass by...I think that the widow webs have the strongest silk of all spiders - 'mine' were very determined to rebuild & I'm ok when bugs are outside but not when their webs actually blocked my path to front door!!! Are you coming back to Reno area anytime soon? Thanx for what you & others did for No.NVNAMI on 4th St. last year---just saw Roy recently but he's back in Colorado again taking care of gal-friends ill mom...a great guy. Barbara
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