Composting is for the Trash

Hello. My name is Sophie, and I am an anti-composter. Sort of. I think that as long as there is a public garbage dump, composting is for the trash. Here is my 2¢ hypothesis:

Organic matter such as vegetable food scraps, meats, bones, etc. help to break down non-organic matter. This is in large part because other living beings like maggots, worms, bacteria, fungus, and other vile but vital organisms consume or freeload off of this stuff. Then they poo, excrete, whathaveyou. All of this grody activity aids in the bio-degrading process. So, it all works out and “gives back to the earth” (as my boyfriend would say). Therefore, if all we put out for the public landfill is non-organic matter, then guess what? Only non-biodegradable items (or possibly more accurately “biodegradably-challenged” items*) go into the landfill. It's not news that these items often consist of things that could be reused or recycled but are usually regarded as “trash” that conveniently - and almost magically - disappears from one’s responsibility once the lid to the rubbish bin closes. Dirt has its own micro-organisms that help in the decay process; however, it is mainly our food waste that attracts these amazingly gross and beautiful little creatures, which in turn, keeps a natural order of things that is beneficial to all. Disclaimer reminder: this is my personal logic, based on my observances and edumication. I have more thoughts on trash (not to be confused with trashy thoughts), which I will share in another blog on another day...

*Made-up word of the day:

Biodegradably-challenged: not biodegradable in any reasonable timeframe; not biodegradable within our lifetime or our distant offspring’s lifetimes. Further, Kung Fu Sophie deems these items as biodegradably-challenged vs. non-biodegradable because it seems that these things will ultimately break down – perhaps not for millions of years - but they will.


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Chad October 18, 2012 @09:02 pm
That was very insightful and forward thinking. Thank you for enlightening me on the mechanics of Biodegradology. That "giving back to the earth'' Idea you guys have is really ground breaking! Like tooth picks to a freeway! ;)
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